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We at Different Pharm follow the world's developments in the field of nutritional supplements. We are aware that there has been a big gap between the market at home and the trends outside. The reasons are many. Perhaps everyone is to blame. Importers and manufacturers on the one hand, not giving sufficient guarantee for their products, protected by analytical certificates from independent laboratories, and on the other hand the customer for being too tolerant and not demanding.

Different Pharm was founded with the intent to redefine the analytical testing standards for the entire dietary supplement industry.

In order to know if a quality product has been created, it must be researched. Here, each incoming batch is tested for identity, purity and for the presence of hazardous and toxic compounds, such as heavy metals. The most commonly used test method is by HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography). When we test a sample with this instrument, it separates all the molecules into peaks using column chromatography. The columns in HPLC separate compounds by changing the velocity of the analytes as they pass through the column, resulting in different chemicals coming out of the column at different times. Once separated into individual peaks, we can measure the total amount of each compound present in the sample. It measures them by passing light through the sample and plotting the absorbance with a UV or diode array detector. Proper HPLC analysis of a sample requires the use of reference materials, such as analytical standards. Our tests are performed at a third independent laboratory, JANOSHIK ANALYTICAL.

It uses these reference materials to calibrate their HPLC instrument and associated methods to ensure that the analytical results are scientifically accurate.


Most dietary supplement companies do not test their raw materials but blindly trust the certificates sent to them by their suppliers. A very small percentage have a system where they selectively test a particular supply of raw materials. This is called "skip batch" or "qualification" testing. We send every batch for laboratory analysis without exception, although this involves a lot of work and expense. We trust a third independent laboratory with internationally established status. Thanks to their highly qualified team and the modern equipment they have at their disposal, we are able to eliminate any attempt to supply raw materials that do not meet our standards. The control and quality system they use ensures that our products are always correctly identified, quantified and meet all quality safety indicators. This also gives us a higher level of control over our supply chain, as our suppliers know we test our raw materials absolutely every time. This way they can't sneak a lower quality batch into the supply line.

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