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About us

Different Pharm is a brand name for nutritional supplements. Our primary goal is to build on industry advancements and make a general change to a status quo that other manufacturers tolerate. Namely, to redefine the analytical testing model for the entire dietary supplement industry. To know if a quality product has been created, it must be tested. Here, every incoming batch is tested for identity, purity, and for the presence of hazardous, and toxic, compounds such as heavy metals. This is done by a third independent laboratory. The most commonly used test method is by HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography). You can read more in the section " Laboratory".

We have made it our goal to maintain a warm relationship with the best raw material developers and make Differnt Farm a benchmark for innovation and quality. Our planet has blessed us with a vast variety of plants and herbal extracts waiting for their discoverer. We are committed to being a mediator between nature and you, our partners and customers. We will always strive to learn, improve our offerings and be different.

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